Jónínu Ben health treatments

Jónína Ben offers detox health treatments at hotel Örk this summer.

Rest, education, fun, excersise and nutrition as focus.

Jónína has been working in the health treatment for about 16 years and has offered treatments in Poland that have been very successful. Now you do not have to travel to Poland to experience the health treatment overseen by specialists.

It is possible to choose between weekend packages and 14 day packages. 

Accommodation, all food, health tracking, interviews with specialists and doctors, 8 lectures, all material, tea bar, gymnastics, access to the swimming pool, sauna and hot tubs, infrared pod, entertainment, stress release and yoga all evenings.

Dates for the 14 day packages: 

21.08 – 04.09
04.09 – 18.09

Price is from 160.000 kr pr person for a triple standard room.


  • Extra food if needed.
  • Massage, various types. Reservations made after arrival at the hotel.
  • Beauty Parlour, various types. Reservations made after arrival at the hotel.
  • Interview with a psychiatrist. 14.500 kr pr session. Reservations made after arrival.

More information on the facebook page Jónína Ben  or via email 

(+354) 483 4700


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