At Hótel Örk you can find a great selection of rooms that will suits your need. Available rooms vary from a cosy rooms equipped with modern selection of facilities to grand luxury rooms where you will have all modern facilities you will expect in a great hotel.

Conference & Meetings

Looking for an ideal venue to suit your event? Hótel Örk offers 7 great meeting rooms that are perfect for all types of conferences, meetings, weddings and private gatherings. HVER Restaurant takes care of all refreshments served in the meeting rooms and the hotel provides all the facilities and services you need for a successful event.

Funda og ráðstefnusalir - GlæsigerðiFunda og ráðstefnusalir - StjörnugerðiFunda og ráðstefnusalir - ÞinggerðiFunda og ráðstefnusalir - StjórnargerðiFunda og ráðstefnusalir - RáðagerðiFunda og ráðstefnusalir - Sáttagerði
HVER Restaurant

HVER Restaurant is located in Hotel Örk Hveragerði - we are all about tasty and delicious food made with fresh and local ingredients. Drop by for lunch, dinner or drinks in a memorable and relaxed atmosphere.


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