Outdoor area

Iceland is definitely famous for its swimming pools – a great source of natural therapy.
Our guests have access to a golf course, an outdoor swimming pool that features a childrens small slide, two hot tubs and a geothermal sauna.

The waterslide is closed indefinitely.

The swimming pool is about 29 – 31 degrees
The hot tubs are 38 – 40 & 40 – 42 degrees warm
The steam bath is both for men and women.

Experience Iceland’s pure thermal energy and take a dip! You will definitely feel relaxed afterwards. It is also ideal to play golf in Hveragerði. Hotel Örk has been awarded an international award for three years in a row now as “Iceland’s Best Golf Hotel”. There are many other things to do & see in Hveragerði and we would like to mention that we have gathered some ideas in the category “activities”.



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