Great numbers of people pass through or by Hveragerði each year. With a population of about 2300 and located only 43 km from Reykjavík, Hveragerði may be viewed from the vantage point of the Kambar mountain slope, as it spreads out across a 4000 – 5000 year old lava field. Throughout the year, pillars of steam may be seen rising up from the town and in summer it is truly a green community, with an abundance of trees.

Hveragerði has much to offer, trout and salmon swim in the Varmá river, berries can be had for the picking on the heath to the west of the town, and the area abounds in excellent walking routes. There are hot baths, whirlpools, a natural sauna and a fitness center. The swimming pool is open all year round.

Without doubt, Hveragerði´s, most precious gem is it´s hot springs park – there can not be many towns in the world with hot springs literally in peoples back yard. The hot springs park is centrally located and is open every day in the summer time. A natural clay foot bath can be enjoyed in the park and afterwards you can soak your feet in one of the hot springs. In a hole in the park the locals bake the famous black bread using the geothermal ground as an oven.


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